Dataedo 5: MySQL, ERDs and more

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    You can now start using the power of Dataedo 5 database documentation tool to get your databases under control.

    Support for MySQL

    You can now start using the power of Dataedo 5 database documentation tool. From now on, along with SQL Server and Oracle, you can also document MySQL databases.

    Entity Relationship Diagrams

    One of the coolest new features is ability to create ERDs to supplement your data dictionaries. ERDs export to PDF and HTML. Now, Dataedo is the only tool you need to document your databases.


    Finding a table or view by the name of column or description has never been easier.

    New plans and prices

    We introduced new plans: Standard and Pro. Please learn their capabilities and prices.

    Upgrade now

    Dataedo 4 users

    If you want to start using Dataedo 5 on your existing Dataedo 4 repository we advise you make a backup of it and upgrade to version 5 with Repository Creator.

    Dataedo 5 beta users

    If you want to use Dataedo 5 on your beta test environment just install and run new version - no repository upgrade is required.

    Please note that Dependencies will be available from 5.2 that is planned for release early December.

    Pro users

    If you hold Pro 1 Year license you can simply download and install 5 version and use it freely. If you hold Pro 4 license you can upgrade to Standard 5, Pro 5, Standard 1 Year or Pro 1 Year with 50% discount. Just contact us.

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