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Dataedo 5.1: Advanced ERDs

Redesigned ERDs

The most significant development in Dataedo 5.1 are ERDs. We redesigned this functionality and added many new features. We believe it is a mature metadata tool that will help you to document your databases with ERDs and Data Dictionaries in one repository.

What is new

  • Ability to show columns
  • Improved editor: scrolling, object chooser, menus and forms
  • Improved drawing links
  • Ability to add any table/view from database
  • Ability to hide relation

Other changes

Here are most of the things we updated since 5.0:

  • Fixed documenting Azure databases
  • Support for SQL Server 2016
  • Added email and comments fields in crash report form
  • Simplified repository installation
  • Downgraded required db privileges
  • Improved search feature
  • Many UI improvements
  • Many bug fixes

Tutorial: ERDs with Dataedo

Check this tutorial that will show you how to use power of Dataedo 5.1:

How to Visualize Database Schema with ERD with Dataedo


Dataedo 4 and 5.0 users

If you are a user of previous versions you can easily upgrade to 5.1. Upgrade requires installation of new version and upgrade of repository. Here is a short tutorial:

Upgrading to 5.1

Dataedo 5 Perpetual License holders

If you are a Dataedo 5 Perpetual License holder you are entitled to this and all 5.x updates. Just download and upgrade software and repository - your keys don't need update.

Dataedo 1 Year License holders

If you are a Dataedo 1 Year License holder you are entitled to all the updates so just download and upgrade Dataedo software and repository.

Try it

If you don't hold a license and your trial has expired, no worries - get new here:

Get new trial key


Download Dataedo 5.1

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