Dataedo 6 is out: New Quality of Database Documentation

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    We are happy to announce that we released long awaited Dataedo 6.0, probably the best database documentation tool out there. This release brings a few important features and multiple improvements over the previous - Dataedo 5.2.

    What's new

    Two main new features are custom metadata fields and cross database relationships and diagrams.

    Custom metadata fields

    This is a flagship feature of Dataedo 6 - ability to add custom metadata fields to any database object/element. You can add additional descriptive fields to columns, tables etc.

    Learn more about custom fields

    Cross-database relationships and diagrams

    Another key feature of version 6 is the ability to define cross-database table relationships and create cross-database diagrams. It's particularly useful for SQL Sever and MySQL if your system has more databases as those engines don't support FKs across databases.

    Learn more about cross-database table relationships

    Other improvements

    In 6.0 there is a number of smaller features and improvements:

    Changes in plans and pricing

    With the release of 6.0 we changed our plans, licensing model and prices. We added two more plans: Pro+ and Enterprise. Introduction of Enterprise plan reflects the direction we are going with our tool. We want it to be simple, yet suitable for large and complex environments and organizations.

    As we announced a while ago, we are moving away from perpetual licenses and from now on will be offering annual subscriptions only.

    Now, price for 1 year Pro subscription is $499.

    Check out our new plans and pricing.


    Try our new tool now:

    Download Dataedo 6.0

    and get a trial to unlock all the features (if your existing trial has expired just get a new one):

    Get a trial key


    If you have a valid subscription or Dataedo 6 perpetual license you can upgrade your environment to version 6.0. Just download and upgrade software and repository.


    For the first 2 weeks of sales of Dataedo 6 we are offering you a propotion - 20% discount:

    Get Dataedo 6.0 for 20% less


    We'd love to hear what you think about new features and tool in general. Leave your comment or write us at

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