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Dataedo 6.0 beta: Custom Fields, Cross-DB and Much More!

Finally, I am happy to be able to announce the release of long awaited 6.0 beta of our leading database documentation tool - Dataedo.

This release brings a lot of new and exciting features that will make the tool more suitable for large and complex database environments. Let's have a look at what's new:

Custom Fields

This is a flagship feature of Dataedo 6 - ability to add custom metadata fields to any database object/element. You can add additional descriptive fields to columns, tables etc. This opens up a lot of new possibilities.

Cross-DB Relationships and ER Diagrams

Another key feature of 6.0 is the ability to create cross-database, cross-server and cross-engine table relationships. It enables you to create relationships in Data Dictionary and use them to create ER diagram that shows multiple databases. This allows you to document how various systems are linked together. It's particularly useful in case of SQL Sever and MySQL if your system has more databases as those engines don't support FKs across different databases.

New HTML Layout and Multiple DBs

We overhauled our HTML export a little, I hope you like it. Apart from more appealing look most important change is the ability to export multiple documentations/databases in one package. You can now document your entire environment and have it accessible in one interactive page.

We also improved publishing on Confluence.

Multiple Schemas in Oracle Connection

This is a small but very important change for Oracle users. From now on you would be able to include multiple schemas in one documentation/connection. This is particularly important for those of you who have many schemas on one server.

Improved FK View

Another small but pleasing change. We added table reference information next to a column. Now you can quickly see if a column is a foreign and to what table. This information is visible in UI and exported to HTML and PDF.


Exporting Scripts

In Dataedo 6 we include function, stored procedure and view scripts in export.


We are working on more improvements to our release version of Dataedo 6 that will be available sometime in coming months.

You can track features we are working on in our roadmap or R&D page.

Test Beta!

Download Dataedo 6.0 beta and get a trial key (no worries if your trial expired, have another 30 days).

You don't need to uninstall previous versions of Dataedo - they can exist in parallel. You need to create a new repository, however.

Please don't use beta in production environment. If you'd like to test beta on your environment, create a copy of your existing Dataedo 5 repository and perform an upgrade to Dataedo 6 on your copy.

You can use your existing license keys in test repository.

Share your feedback with us - let us know at

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