Dataedo 7.1: New Data Sources, Manual Tables and More

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    I am happy to inform that we released production ready version of Dataedo 7 with a lot of new exciting features. Let's have a quick overview.

    Support for new databases

    In version 7.1 Dataedo added support for the following databases:

    • PostgreSQL
    • IBM Db2
    • Snowflake
    • Amazon Redshift
    • Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL
    • Percona for MySQL

    Manual tables and columns

    Dataedo now allows you to define (design) tables manually with UI. You can add manual databases, tables or columns in imported tables.

    Quick search

    You can now conveniently search elements in HTML export:

    and desktop grids:

    Desktop filter

    Desktop quick search

    Improved ERDs

    We have redesigned ER diagram editor a little to make it easier to build a diagram.

    We added contextual Suggested entities pane for quick access to entities with highlighted entities related to current module or table:

    Suggested entities

    Add related tables:

    Materialized views and packages in Oracle

    We extended metadata imported from Oracle and Dataedo now reads materlialized views and packages.

    Oracle packages

    Next steps

    For more details see the release notes:

    Get Dataedo 7:

    Download Dataedo 7

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