Dataedo 8.0 is Now Available

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    I am happy to announce that we just released Dataedo 8.0, first release of the next generation of our database documentation and metadata management tool. Dataedo 8.0 brings you a general refresh, performance upgrades and fixes for a number of issues. You'll learn more in the release notes.


    If you are a customer and hold a subscription it is highly advised to download new version and upgrade your environment. If your subscription ended or you hold perpetual license please contact our sales, or chat with us.

    Give it a try

    You can also give it a try by starting free 14 days trial (even if you took a trial and ended).

    The future

    Dataedo 8.0 is just a warm up, we are currently working on a number of functionalities that will be released in 2020, and here are the highlights:

    1. Dataedo Web that will help you build community around your data with web access, advanced search, graphical repository explorer and conversations,
    2. Report repository, initially for SSRS,
    3. New native connectors to popular databases, like Teradata, Google BigQuery, SAP ASE/Sybase, or Apache Cassandra,
    4. Support for NoSQL sources and a hierarchical structures and we'll start with MongoDB,
    5. Support for Data Lakes and we'd like to start with Azure and AWS.

    Later we'd also like to add:

    1. ETL packages repository (from SSIS and manual), and
    2. Data lineage documentation and visualization, defined manually as flows between packages, reports and data assets.
    Piotr Kononow
    Piotr Kononow

    CEO and founder of Dataedo. For many years business analyst, software architect and project manager in various industries - asset management, heavy industry, telco, utilities/gas and tourism. His specialties are data warehousing/BI and business applications.

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