Dataedo Prepared for the COVID-19 Outbreak

Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2020-03-17

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    I want to share with you our approach to recent coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak.

    We treat this situation seriously and we value health of our employees and that's why we decided to switch to remote work. All our employees are working for the past few days from their homes and they are equipped with the tools and resources they need to continue provision of the support and other services to our customers.

    If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

    Piotr Kononow
    Piotr Kononow

    CEO and founder of Dataedo. For many years business analyst, software architect and project manager in various industries - asset management, heavy industry, telco, utilities/gas and tourism. His specialties are data warehousing/BI and business applications.

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