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Dataedo Lite no longer available from version 8.1.3

After having a long discussions, as a part of our current ambitious development roadmap and upcoming redesign of pricing (we want to move away from plans in favor of modular pricing) we have decided to drop support for free Lite edition. It is no longer available in version 8.1.3 we released today (download Dataedo 8.1.3).

Lite edition was created in the very beginning of our road when we wanted to be a lightweight database utility tool. Now, we are devoted to build powerful metadata management tool with features like data lineage, BI catalog, reference data management or data community. We want to focus our energy on teams that see value management and documentation of their data. Lite edition does not fit into that vision and that's why we decided to end its support.

What next?

1. Keep using Lite edition in version 8.1.2

If you still want to enjoy Dataedo's capabilities for free, feel free to use Dataedo 8.1.2. You can get it under following links:

Dataedo 8.1.2 Windows installer
Dataedo 8.1.2 Windows zip package

2. Let us know what you think

You don't think it's a good direction for our tool? Have a different idea? We'd love to know your thoughts. Please share your opinion here:

Where is Dataedo Lite? - Dataedo Support forum

3. Time to go Pro

If you have been using Dataedo Lite for a while, chances are, you saw the benefits of having a single reference view of your data available for you and your team. You'd enjoy even more boost to your productivity with data using Dataedo Pro. Have a look at our pricing plans or talk to our sales - we'll help you find the best solution.

See Dataedo Pro pricing
Talk to sales

Piotr Kononow

CEO and founder of Dataedo. For many years business analyst, software architect and project manager in various industries - asset management, heavy industry, telco, utilities/gas and tourism. His specialties are data warehousing/BI and business applications.

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