How Database Documentation Helped Database Development at RedBook Solutions [Video Testimonial]

Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2020-03-18

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    Listen to Jay Michael Heidbreder talk how Dataedeo helped further update Redbook Solutions' main business ERP software that has been developed for decades:

    Key points made by Jay:

    1. There was a need for comprehensive documentation of primary database to be able to further develop it
    2. Existing original documentation was decades old and did not reflect changes made since then
    3. Other tools (SSMS, Visio) don't have enough documentation capabilities
    4. Documentation project took third of the expected time
    5. Collaborate more efficiently within internal development teams
    6. Design is not obvious to newcomers and outside vendors
    7. Dataedo helped document and share "tribal knowledge" and bridge that gap
    8. Online documentation made it easy to navigate and search for items
    9. Dataedo is fun and made the entire team's job easier

    Did Dataedo help you and your team as well? Would you like to share your story? Wed love to hear it! Contact us at

    If you did not try Dataedo yet, and didn't experience firsthand that working with databases can be easier with documentation, don't wait and try Dataedo for free now.

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    Piotr Kononow
    Piotr Kononow

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