5 IT/Tech/Developer Cartoons

I'm sharing developer cartoons I found (or follow) on the web.

1. Sysadminotaur

Sysadminotaur is a comic strip about the life of a sysadmin. It focuses on the world that IT teams face on a daily basis.


2. Dilbert

One of the most known comics in the word, Dilbert mostly focuses on work in a corporation, but many issues relate to those faced by IT.


3. CommitStrip

CommitStrip humorously relates to the daily life of web developers.


4. xkcd

Another well know webcomic. Only some of xkcd strips are strictly related to IT issues, but all are worth a read.


5. Dataedo Cartoon

New cartoon about the challenges of working with data and databases.

Top cartoons according to StackOverflow users

Here's a bonus, a rank of dev comic strips by StackOverflow users:

StackOverflow: What's your favorite “programmer” cartoon?

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