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Why should you try Dataedo Web Catalog this month?

  • 10th June, 2021

Last year we have released a revolutionary extension of Dataedo - Dataedo Web Catalog. If you haven't had an opportunity to test it out yet this is the best time to do it. Only this month you can get a package of 50 Enterprise Viewer licenses in a special price to help you start building a data community.

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What is Dataedo Web Catalog?

Dataedo Web Catalog is a self-hosted web application that provides easy access to your metadata (already created with Dataedo) to empower all data users - including business users.

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It features a Data Community module, which allows everyone to share their observations and to accumulate valuable knowledge about data in one place through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.

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Dataedo Web Catalog Q&A

Q: What type of license do I need to get it?

To get started with Dataedo Web Catalog you need at least one Enterprise license. We also recommend getting at least 10 Enterprise Viewer licenses to fully benefit from Web Catalog's features.

Q: Who are Enterprise Viewers?

Enterprise Viewers are users that can browse and search Dataedo Web Catalog or Dataedo HTML Plus, and contribute to the community with comments, ratings, warnings, post and answer questions (using Data Community module).

Q: Why get Enterprise viewers if I have free viewers?

Enterprise Viewer licenses will help you build a data community and allow everyone in your team to contribute knowledge about data to the data catalog. Free viewers can only browse PDF, Excel, or HTML documentation.

Q: Can I get Dataedo Web Catalog without Enterpirse Viewers?

Yes! Dataedo Web Catalog has plenty of benefits for data stewards and other people involved in creating the documentation, even if you don't plan to build a data community yet.

Q: How is Dataedo Web Catalog better than HTML?

  • Editing within the web - with Web Catalog, you can edit titles, descriptions, and custom field values straight from the Web interface.
  • Search & Discovery Functionality - you can effortlessly search your data and business terms with simple & advanced faceted search. Refine your search results to find very specific assets.
  • Improved ERDs - With interactive database diagrams built automatically you can get a better overview of related entities from any point in the catalog. You can use zoom & scroll to get a better view of particular relations.
  • Business Glossary Diagrams - Now you can get a better understanding of your business glossary with interactive diagrams.
  • Community features - Data Community allows everyone to share their observations and to accumulate valuable knowledge in one place through comments, ratings, questions, to-dos, and warnings.
  • Updated and crisp UI

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Q: What do I need to host it?

To host Dataedo Web Catalog you need:

  • Repository server (SQL Server) - to use Dataedo Web Catalog you need an SQL Server, a database server from Microsoft. You can use a free Express edition (suitable even for large catalogs). You might already use this with Dataedo Desktop, as Dataedo Desktop and Dataedo Web Catalog use the same SQL Server repository.
  • Web server (IIS server)- free web server from Microsoft.

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Q: Where can I download it?

You can download the Web Catalog installer from our download page:

Download now

Installation guide

June 2021 Promo: Get 50 viewers for the price of 10!

Only this month (June 2021) you can get 50 Viewer licenses for the first year for the price of 10 (you save $3,840!). This is a great opportunity to test drive the data community module in your organization.

Image title Requires enterprise editor license. Applies only to first viewer license purchase.

To benefit from this offer contact sales at

Contact sales

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