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George Firican - Dataedo Team

George Firican

Award winning Data Governance & Business Intelligence leader, director of data governance and BI at the University of British Columbia, public speaker, founder of LightsOnData blog.


Jenny Davis

Head of Data Governance at a global insurance company

Sandra Recca - Dataedo Team

Sandra Recca

Data Governance professional and consultant with over 20 years’ experience across multiple industries.

Tim Abell - Dataedo Team

Tim Abell

Professional Microsoft ASP and SQL Server programmer with 18 years of experience. Creator of SQL Schema Explorer.

Varun Karagudari - Dataedo Team

Varun Karagudari

Metadata management and data catalog consultant.


Adam Adamowicz - Dataedo Team

Adam Adamowicz

Software architect, developer, product manager

Ania - Dataedo Team


Database specialist with extensive experience in SQL Server and Oracle.

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team

Bart Gawrych

Database developer

Lukasz Gil - Dataedo Team

Lukasz Gil

Software architect, developer and team leader

Magda Lakomiec - Dataedo Team

Magda Lakomiec

Database specialist

Marcin Nagly - Dataedo Team

Marcin Nagly

Database specialist and systems engineer

Michal Wrobel - Dataedo Team

Michal Wrobel

Systems Architect

Systems architect with almost two decades of experience in custom and packaged applications, BI and data warehousing.

Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team

Piotr Kononow

CEO, Dataedo

CEO and founder of Dataedo. For many years business analyst, software architect and project manager in various industries - asset management, heavy industry, telco, utilities/gas and tourism. His specialties are data warehousing/BI and business applications.

Piotr Tokarski - Dataedo Team

Piotr Tokarski

Customer support, Dataedo
Przemek Samojlo - Dataedo Team

Przemek Samojlo

BI analyst & architect, project manager with experience in manufacturing and wealth management.

Rene Castro - Dataedo Team

Rene Castro

Database specialist and technical writer

Stanislaw Aniola - Dataedo Team

Stanislaw Aniola

Technical writer

Tom Wasiewicz - Dataedo Team

Tom Wasiewicz

Account Manager, Dataedo

Account manager, sales representative and first line of the customer support.

Wojciech Mleczek - Dataedo Team

Wojciech Mleczek

Full-stack developer

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