Find queries executed in specific time range in Redshift

Article for: Snowflake Teradata Vertica

Query below shows queries executed in specific time range.


Table containing query log retain them approximately for 2-5 days then they are removed.


Query below lists queries executed between 6 and 12 hours from current time.

select usename as username, 
       querytxt as query, 
       case aborted
            when 1 then 'YES'
            else 'NO'
            end as aborted
from stl_query ql
join svl_user_info us 
     on ql.userid = us.usesysid
where starttime < DATEADD(hour, -6, getdate())
      and starttime > DATEADD(hour, -12, getdate())
order by starttime desc;


  • username - name of user who executed query
  • database - name of database in which query was executed
  • query - query text
  • starttime - start time of a query
  • endtime - end time of a query
  • aborted - indicate wheter query was aborted


  • One row represents one query executed in specifiic time range
  • Scope of rows: all queries executed in specifiic time range
  • Ordered by start time of query

Sample results

sample results

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