List idexes by their size in Db2 database

Query below returns list of indexes in a database with space they use ordered from the ones using most.


select indschema as index_schema,
       indname as index_name,
       tabschema || '.' || tabname as table,
       index_object_l_size as logical_size,
       index_object_p_size as physical_size
from table(sysproc.admin_get_index_info('I','',''))
where indschema not like 'SYS%'
order by physical_size,


  • index_schema - schema name
  • index_name - index name
  • table - table name on which index is defined
  • logical_size - logical space used by index. The logical size is the amount of space that the table or data partition knows about.
  • physical_size - physical space used by index


  • One row represents one index in a database
  • Scope of rows: all indexes in a database
  • Ordered by index used size from largest to smallest, table schema and table name

Sample results

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