List tables by the size of their indexes in SQL Server

Query below returns tables in a database with space used by their indexes ordered from the ones using most.


select schema_name(tab.schema_id) + '.' + as [table],
       (sum(spc.total_pages * 8) / 1024.0) as allocated_space,
       (sum(spc.used_pages * 8) / 1024.0) as used_space
from sys.tables tab
join sys.indexes ind
     on tab.object_id = ind.object_id
join sys.partitions part
     on ind.object_id = part.object_id
     and ind.index_id = part.index_id
join sys.allocation_units spc
     on part.partition_id = spc.container_id
group by tab.schema_id,
order by used_space desc;


  • table - table's schema name and name
  • allocated_space - space allocated for indexes
  • used_space - space actually used by indexes

Sample results

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