How many tables don't have primary keys (with percentage) in Vertica database

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team Bart Gawrych 2019-10-31

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    This query listed tables without primary keys and this one shows how many of them there are and what is the percentage of total tables.


    with tables AS (
        select distinct tab.table_schema,
               case when pk.constraint_id is null
                    then 1
                    else 0 end as no_pk
        from v_catalog.tables tab
        left join v_catalog.primary_keys pk
                  on tab.table_schema = pk.table_schema
                  and tab.table_name = pk.table_name
        order by tab.table_schema,
    select count(*) as tables,
           sum(no_pk) as no_pk_tables,
           100.00*sum(no_pk)/count(*) as no_pk_percent
    from tables;


    • tables - number of all tables in a database
    • no_pk_tables - number of tables without a primary key
    • no_pk_percent - percentage of tables without primary key in all tables


    Query returns just one row.

    Sample results

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