How to find new tables in Toad for SQL Server

Article for: SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

This article will show you how to find new created tables in a database in Toad for SQL Server.

First of all you need to open Explorer. Click on the Explorer icon in the main menu or open it by Tools -> Explorer.

In Object Explorer expand a database, then right click on Tables branch and select View details.

A new window Viewer contains a list of tables with basic information about them.

Right click on the Creation Date column header and select Sort Descending. Now tables should be in order from the newest to oldest.

To filter the table by creation date, right click on any column header and click Show Auto Filter Row. To find only newest tables, click on the equal sign (select Is greater than or equal to or Is greater than) and then provide a date to this textbox. This filter will only list tables created after and at provided date.

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