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Create a proof of concept for metadata management with Dataedo with our 3-month package with onboarding, premium support, unlimited user accounts and access to all functionalities.


Special 3-month package with access to all functionalities and unlimited user accounts for implementations that require a more extensive proof of concept.

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Test all the features & give unlimited access to everyone

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Test in your environment and with your data

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Get feedback from multiple people in your organization

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Hi! My name is Tom and me and my team will help you create a proof of concept for metadata management with Dataedo. We will:

  • Check if Dataedo can help you with your data and projects
  • Help you set everything up
  • See how it works in your environment
  • Provide initial training and ongoing support
Tom Wasiewicz
Product Expert
Tom Wasiewicz
Product Expert

Why our customers love PoC package?

Every 5th customer chooses PoC package before buying Dataedo. Why?

It helped us get a sign off from the management
We got so much help from Tom during our PoC
It made our decision much easier
It helped us determine how many licenses we need

Why our customers love Dataedo?

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Chase Summers
Metadata Solutions Manager
Chase Summers
Metadata Solutions Manager