Discover, Visualize, Document and Share MongoDB Schema

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Discover document schema in MongoDB

With a few clicks you can discover collections and document structures in your MongoDB database in a clear tabular view. Schema is discovered from sampling documents and MongoDB Schema Validation.

Describe and visualize document references

MongoDB allows for document references, much like foreign keys in relational databases. What it does not allow is the documentation of those relationships, so you just simply must know how it works. Dataedo allows you to capture that knowledge in structured form, visualize using diagrams, and share across entire organization.

Describe document structure and fields

Capture knowledge about data stored in MongoDB by allowing your team to describe each document and field.

Share documentation in HTML

Share completed documentation in convenient, interactive, searchable HTML documents.

[WEBINAR] From Schema Design to Schema Discovery in MongoDB

Watch a recording of Dataedo Expert Webinar with MongoDB expert - Daniele Graziani, Consulting Engineer at MongoDB, and learn about the backward world of schema in MongoDB. Daniele will share his experience from years of advising customers on implementation, transition to, and querying of their MongoDB databases.

Discover and document your MongoDB schema today

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