Dataedo 7.4: Build Business Glossary

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    I am proud to announce that today we released Dataedo 7.4 that added important functionality for the governance and understanding of your data - Business Glossary.

    Business Glossary

    Business Glossary is a long awaited functionality that adds important piece of metadata - universal definitions of business and data terms and allows common understanding of basic concepts in your organization.

    What makes Dataedo Business Glossary especially useful is the ability to link glossary terms with data assets - tables and columns. It allows you to find specific data in various databases as well as get agreed definition and meaning of specific data element.

    Learn more about Business Glossary in Dataedo

    Redesigned HTML export

    We did a complete overhaul of our HTML export and upgraded it technologically. Now, you don't need to make a decision which template to choose - all work well from local disk and web server. We also managed to improve significantly the performance of export process and browsing of large documentation.

    Next steps

    For more details see the Dataedo 7.4 release notes.

    If you have valid subscription download and upgrade to Dataedo 7.4. You can also try new Dataedo for free.

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