Release notes 7.4

16th April, 2019
Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 24.x

Business Glossary (Enterprise)

Many organizations use inconsistent language between departments, which can make communication a lot harder. To solve this issue, we're introducing Dataedo Business Glossary for our Enterprise users. With it, no one will mistake customer for a client or consumer, and everyone in your organization can be on the same page.

Term types and hierarchy lets you quickly find the terms you're looking for:

You can define links from terms to data assets (tables and columns) related to a particular term:

Or find terms related to a particular table or column:

You can also create term relationships, which show how other terms are related to the one you're looking at:

Find out more in our documentation.

Redesigned HTML export

We've completely reworked how HTML export works in Dataedo:

  • You no longer have to choose between local and hosted templates
  • Export time has been greatly improved, especially for bigger documentations
  • Initial loading of the file is shorter
  • The pages are more responsive
  • Multiple bugs have been removed

The HTML Export is now a single page application rather than a set of static HTML files as previously. Note that these changes make old custom templates incompatible - they need to be recreated from the current template.

CLR Function and procedure import from SQL Server

Some of our users contacted us saying that they're using CLR (assembly) functions and procedures in SQL Server, which were not previously imported by Dataedo.

In Dataedo 7.4 we've added support for CLR functions and procedures, and they should now correctly import.

Other improvements

  • The password to the repository can now be saved
  • Improved SQL Server import times
  • Solved issues related to updating MySQL documentations with a renamed schema
  • Pages opened from Search tab are now more responsive
  • Custom fields with number type are now sorted as numbers rather than text
  • Solved multiple other reported issues and bugs
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