Release notes 10.1.1

26th January, 2022

Release Notes 10.1.1

With the Dataedo 10.1.1, we fixed a few issues, which you might encounter in Dataedo 10.1.

Addressed issues

Issue Resolution status Fix version External links
Unable to run command-line (missing license). License file support added to command-line. 10.1.1 Command-line support
Deleting documentation was timeouts. We improved the way we are deleting documentation. 10.1.1 -
Upgrade from 9.x to 10.x was not copying the recent connections. We fixed that, and starting from the fix version, on upgrade, recent connections are copied. 10.1.1 -
Problems with connecting to Salesforce when domain region had more than 2 letters. Fixed. 10.1.1 -
Missing IIS modules after Web Catalog installation. Fixed. 10.1.1 -
"The given key was not present" error when importing from SQL Server. Fixed. 10.1.1 -

Other changes

  • Fixes to few minor crashes not mentioned above.
  • Users on the server, without permissions to the repository database, can no longer create accounts in the Web Catalog.

Repository changes

Repository upgrade is not needed with this version.

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