Release Notes 10.4.1 and 10.4.2

Mac Lewandowski - Dataedo Team Mac Lewandowski 1st February, 2023

This two minor releases contains Web Catalog performance improvements and resolution of multiple issues both in Web and Dataedo Desktop.


Web Catalog Performance improvements

Web Catalog performance was significantly improved. Places where you should observe the most impact:

  • Loading time for tabs on the object pages (database, table, column, etc.)
  • Loading time for displaying objects from the Report Catalog
  • Subject areas loading time

Aside from performance, we also released a few minor Web Catalog improvements:

  • UI (newlines, instant hover over in menu)
  • Search - we analyzed edge cases and fixed potential crashes
  • Sorting in grids will now work (with the limitation, that sorting works only for loaded content)

Bug fixes

With Dataedo 10.4.1, we addressed multiple issues and improved the experience of existing features.

Issue Status Additional resources
Problems with importing the newest version of dbt Cloud. Fixed. Updated mapping of JSON fields. dbt Cloud in Dataedo
Issues with importing PowerBI. Dataedo was not correctly understanding column types. Resolved. Power BI in Dataedo
Connection issues, when connecting to Tableau. Resolved. Tableau data in Dataedo
Problems with upgrading the repository. For repositories created with old versions of Dataedo (5.0 and 7.3) in a case when Web Catalog was never connected we were missing configuration parameters in the repository. The issue was fixed by validating those edge cases. A similar problem ocurred for repositories manually created with scripts from 10.3.2 and was also fixed.
Crashes during bulk adding terms. Happened rarely. Fixes.
Crashes when pasting descriptions Happened rarely. Fixed.
Crashes when using FK tester. Fixed
Multiple issues with nested columns. Fixed
Missing schema in Desktop UI. Fixed

Additionally, we addressed multiple minor issues.


In version 10.4.2 we released additional fixes for listings with MongoDB and search in Web Catalog.

Repository changes

The repository upgrade is NOT required with this version.

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