Release notes 6.0.3

22nd February, 2018

Azure SQL Data Warehouse support

Dataedo 6.0.3 adds support for importing Azure SQL Data Warehouse schema. We've run tests in our environment, but we do know that it may not reflect real life production environments, so if you notice any issues with this feature please do contact us.

Split of DBMS list in schema import

Until now in schema import now we used the same option for MySQL, MariaDB and Aurora, and another for both SQL Server and Azure. In 6.0.3 you can choose the exact DBMS you're actually using.

New DBMS choice

Improved relation reading speed from repository

We've made some changes in the way relations are read in Editor. Dataedo is now better optimized to deal with tables containing 50+ relations, even on repositories hosted in Cloud.

Choosing columns displayed on an ERD

Until now to change columns displayed on ERD you needed to edit nodes one by one. In 6.0.3 we've added an option to set displayed columns for the entire ERD with 3 choices - Show all columns (not recommended, as it causes too much clutter), Show key columns only and Hide all columns. After choosing the setting for the ERD, you can still edit columns shown from each table individually.

New DBMS choice

File Repository improvements

  • Fixed issue with opening file repository with ' in name or path

Editor improvements

  • Added Remove key button on the ribbon when relevant
  • Fixed an issue with dependencies on the Uses side not being linked properly in a documentation with multiple schemas from Oracle
  • Fixed an issue with dependencies when the same database was imported to multiple documentations
  • Fixed an issue with editing an already removed object through search tab

Import improvements

  • Fixed dependencies import from Oracle when having a view and table with the same name in different case
  • MariaDB import now properly displays values for computed columns from version 10.2.4

Export improvements

  • Fixed issue with PDF export where an empty page would be generated at the start of each module
  • Fixed issue with exporting comments to Oracle when column name of a view included spaces
  • Changed line spacing in HTML export to make it more in line with the editor
  • Other slight changes to HTML export style

ERD improvements

  • Added an option to change columns displayed on ERD for all tables
  • Selected nodes now have a thicker outline compared than previously
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