Release notes 9.0

Piotr Tokarski - Dataedo Team Piotr Tokarski 11th August, 2020

MongoDB support

Dataedo 9 adds support for NoSQL sources. The first one with official support is MongoDB database.

MongoDB Support

Find out more in MongoDB support documentation.

We're planning to add official support for more NoSQL sources in near future - stay tuned!

Teradata database support

Dataedo 9 brings support for Teradata Database.

Teradata Database Support

Find out more in Teradata support documentation.

Vertica Analytics Platform support

Dataedo 9 brings support for Vertica Analytics Platform.

Vertica Analytics Platform Support

Find out more in Vertica support documentation.

Azure Authentication support

This is a much-requested feature from Azure Active Directory users - now, you can connect to Dataedo repository and your Azure/SQL Server databases when importing schema with Azure Authentication. There are two options available: Password and Integrated.

Azure Authentication Support

We are looking into adding support for Universal with MFA authentication option in the future.

Show/hide schema names

Till now, Dataedo decided whether to show schema name in the object name or not based on the DBMS. Many users pointed out that they would like to decide

Now, Dataedo has a smarter algorithm to show schema name – based on DBMS and number of schemas in your database, and it provides option to override this manually.

Azure Authentication Support

Currently, this option can be changed only directly in the repository database. To change iIf you wan to override default value update show_schema_override column in databases table (0 to hide and 1 to show) for the corresponding database in the repository.

In the future, we will add a switch in the UI.

Other improvements

  • Added support for PostgreSQL 12
  • Changed “Azure Data Warehouse” connector name to “Azure Synapse Analytics” – its current name
  • Added command line import support for Azure SQL, Azure Synapse Analytics and PostgreSQL
  • Tables in rich text fields can now be resized
  • Uninstalling no longer removes configuration and recent files
  • Custom fields now have additional attribute – class. This will be used to group similar custom fields in Dataedo Web
  • Added information about license id to online tracking
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