Release notes 10.2.2

Applies to: Dataedo 24.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 23.x

Release Notes 10.2.2

With the Dataedo 10.2.2, we addressed a few issues and improved the experience of features released with 10.2

Improved features

We added new objects we track with History of Changes.

Addressed issues

Issue Resolution status Fix version External links
Web Catalog checks both SQL permissions and internal permissions. Changes, so that now Web Catalog checks only permissions built in Web Catalog and no longer checks SQL Server permissions 10.2.2 Accessing Web Catalog
Problems with DDL Import. Fixed errors with PK, FK, data sizes, and more. 10.2.2
Import dependencies take a long time. Importing dependencies is now an option. 10.2.2
Problems with connecting to Salesforce. Connection to Salesforce has been improved. 10.2.2

We addressed also multiple smaller issues.

Repository changes

Repository upgrade is not needed with this version.

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