Accessing Web Catalog

Mac Lewandowski - Dataedo Team Mac Lewandowski 6th April, 2022

Accessing Dataedo Web Catalog

You will find out, what are the options of accessing Dataedo Web Catalog, what are differences between them, and how to configure options.

Login options in Dataedo Web Catalog


Based on the configuration, there are multiple ways of accessing Dataedo Web Catalog.

  1. With Active Directory or Local Windows login and password.
  2. With SQL Server login and password.
  3. With SAML SSO (for instance Okta).

Auth flow

Auth flow is different for a different method. Starting from version 10.2, the authorization is done with Permissions in Dataedo Web Catalog.


Please note, that checking if login is in User Group for SQL Server is in fact, checking if login belongs to the user, who is in the Users Group (since for SQL Server login and user are not always the same).

Account creation flow

When a user completes authentication and initial authorization flow, but his account does not exist in dbo.licenses, then the row is added and the user is granted access to Dataedo Web Catalog, based on default groups.

Find out more details in the Users management article.

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