Following and email notifications

Applies to: Dataedo 23.x (current) versions, Article available also for: 10.x

Email notification

This feature requires Dataedo Portal.


How it works?

Basically, the notification system contains two steps.

  1. On related system actions we are adding or removing rows in the following table.
  2. On community events (comments, questions), related to objects, we are sending emails to all users bound to that object in the following table.

Find out more in Dataedo Repository Schema Documentation.

Automatical following

Whenever the user is adding or editing an object, we set proper information in the following table.

Manual following and unfollowing

It is possible to manually follow or unfollow objects using Dataedo Portal. It can be done by simply clicking on a bell icon next to the object name in the Dataedo Portal.

Dataedo Portal


To make this feature work, you need to set up SMTP server.

Configuring email notifications.

Error log file

We are not storing send emails neither in the repository nor in any log file. However, we are storing error logs. You can browse them in the error log file \Dataedo Web\Applications\API\Logs\log.txt.

Known limitations

In Dataedo Desktop 10, we introduced online licenses. However, they are not available in the Dataedo Portal yet. This is causing inconvenience that one user, can be using two accounts (one online licensed account for Desktop and one database account for Dataedo Portal).

If that is the case then, manual unfollowing objects using Dataedo Portal will be unavailable for online license account.

We plan to merge both of those accounts in the future and resolve this limitation.

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