Is Lack of Database Documentation a Global Problem for Software Developers?

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    Recent StackOverflow (most popular software developers forum) developer survey (50k developers from around the world were surveyed) showed, in my opinion, one particular problem I think is underestimated – lack of proper database documentation. At least this is what my intuition and experience tells me. But let’s get to the facts.

    Most Developers Use SQL

    It turns out that SQL is second most widely used technology by software developers. Not surprisingly, more than half of back-end and full-stack developers use SQL at their work but also, what is less intuitive, around 25% of front-end and mobile developers use it too. It seems that relational databases are at the heart of most software development. Sounds right, considering that most software is about data.

    Most Popular Technologies In 2016:

    Source: StackOverflow Developer Survey Results 2016

    Documentation Is One of the Key Challenges

    When asked what are key challenges at work, third of developers around the world pointed a lack of proper documentation as an issue, making it second most universal problem.

    Challenges At Work in 2016:

    A Solution: Start Documenting Your Databases

    When you put the two observations together, you might conclude that lack of database documentation might be a serious issue in many software development projects. And the remedy is within your reach – start documenting your databases. It’s as simple as that. It doesn’t matter if you just set up a few tables or your database has thousands of them and no one knows what is inside. Take a time and document what you know today. Any documentation is better than none. Repeat that each time you create or learn something new. Soon, your team and organization will find itself in a better, more controlled place.

    In this blog, we will try to help you in that process sharing our knowledge, good practices and tips.

    Start documenting your databases today

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