List tables by the size of data and indexes in MySQL database

Article for: PostgreSQL

Query below returns tables in a database with space they use and space used by indexes ordered from the ones using most.


For InnoDB storage engine, column data_length represent size of clustered index which contains all data. Results for InnoDB from index_length and data_length are only approximation.


select table_schema as database_name,
       round(1.0*data_length/1024/1024, 2) as data_size,
       round(index_length/1024/1024, 2) as index_size,
       round((data_length + index_length)/1024/1024, 2) as total_size
from information_schema.tables
where table_schema not in('information_schema', 'mysql',
                          'sys', 'performance_schema')
      -- and table_schema = 'your database name'
order by total_size desc;


  • database_name - database (schema) name
  • table_name - table name
  • data_size - data size in megabytes
  • index_size - size of table all indexes in megabytes
  • total_size - total size, data and indexes


  • One row represents one table
  • Scope of rows: all tables in database with specific storage engine
  • Ordered by total table size

Sample results

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