Find objects used by specific function in SQL Server database

Query below return all User Defined Functions and objects used by them.


select schema_name(obj.schema_id) as schema_name, as function_name,
       schema_name(dep_obj.schema_id) as referenced_object_schema, as referenced_object_name,
       dep_obj.type_desc as object_type
FROM sys.objects obj
left join sys.sql_expression_dependencies dep
     on dep.referencing_id = obj.object_id
left join sys.objects dep_obj
     on dep_obj.object_id = dep.referenced_id
where obj.type in ('AF', 'FN', 'FS', 'FT', 'IF', 'TF')
     -- and = 'function_name'  -- put function name here
order by schema_name,


  • schema_name - schema name
  • function_name - function name
  • referenced_object_schema - schema name of the referenced object
  • referenced_object_name - name of the referenced object
  • object_type - type of referenced object


  • One row represents one referenced object by function or only function if function is not using any objects
  • Scope of rows: all objects that are used by function in database
  • Ordered by schema name and function name

Sample Result

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