Find most used data type in Vertica database

Query below returns data types used in a database ordered by the number of their occurance.


with sum_all as(
    select count(distinct table_id) as tables,
           count(column_name) as columns
    from v_catalog.columns
select t.type_name,
       count(distinct c.table_id) as tables,
       100*round(count(distinct c.table_id)/ sums.tables,4) as percent_tables,
       count(*) as columns,
       100*round(count(*)/ sums.columns, 4) as percent_columns
from v_catalog.columns c
join v_catalog.types t
     on c.data_type_id = t.type_id
join sum_all sums on true
group by t.type_name,
order by columns desc,
         tables desc;


  • type_name - built in or user data type without length or precision, e.g. int, varchar or date
  • tables - number of tables in a database with this data type
  • percent_tables - percentage of tables with columns with this data type.
  • columns - number of columns in a database with this data type
  • percent_columns - percentage of columns with this data type. Rows add up to 100%.


  • One row represents one data type
  • Scope of rows: all data types used in a database
  • Ordered by number of columns descending, number of tables descending

Sample results

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