How to export list of tables with Aqua Data Studio

This article will show you how to export a list of tables using Aqua Data Studio to Excel.

Option 1: Server Panel

Make Server Panel visible by clicking on Servers tab (Fig. 1 [1]) or selecting Window -> Show/Hide Server Panel from the toolbar (Fig. 1 [2]) .

Fig. 1. Object search in Tools menu

In the Server Panel, expand appropriate branches to list tables (e.g. in DB2 connection** Schema -> [your_schema] -> Tables). Now click on the first table in the list, and holding the SHIFT key and click on the last table. This should select all your tables. You can then copy them with the **CTRL + C key combination and paste it to a spreadsheet.

Fig. 2. Selecting all tables in branch

Option 2: Object Search

In the Server Panel, right click on any branch in connection and select Tools -> Object Search.

Fig. 3. Object Search in Server Panel branch context menu

In the Object Search window, select databases and schemas where Aqua should look for the tables.
Check only the Tables type in Object Types and only ** Object Names** in the Object Search. Uncheck all options in Source Search. In Search for section, select Text Occurs Anywhere search predicate and leave textbox blank. Click on the Search button.

You should see a list of all tables in selected schemas. You can sort it by clicking on the Database header, then while holding the CTRL key click on Owner (schema) and Object Name/Source column headers. Small numbers in column headers should show up indicating sort order.

Fig. 4. Object Search options to list all tables from schema

Now you can press CTRL + A combination in result window to select all tables, copy it by CTRL + C key combination and paste to the Excel.

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