Find table with specific column name with Toad for IBM DB2

Article for: Oracle SQL Developer

This article will show you how to find table which have column with specific word in name using Toad for IBM DB2.

First step is to open Object Search window by Find button (Fig. 1 [1]) in main menu.
Next in Schema section (Fig. 1 [2]) select in which schemas you want to search.
In object types section (Fig. 1 [3]) and in source code section (Fig. 1 [4]) uncheck all options by Right click -> Uncheck all. In the columns section select in which objects you want to search for specific column name.

You can change search predicate to (Fig. 1 [6]):

  • Starts with - search for names with specific prefix
  • Contains - search word occurrence in name
  • Exact match - search exactly the same name as provided

Provide string to search in textbox and hit Search button.

Fig. 1. Object search window

In the result will be all column with provided word in name. Column indicating in which table this column resides is called Parent (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Example search result

If you need more information about table in which found column, right click on the row and from context menu select Send to -> New Window or Send To -> Object Details (Fig. 3). Both do the same thing, but New window opens Object Details in new window.

Fig. 3. Context menu of found column

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