System Catalog / Data Dictionary Views in relational databases (RDBMS)

(System) Catalog Views or Data Dictionary Views (or sometimes tables) are standard views (or tables) in most relational databases that provide access to metadata - information about schema, security, etc. Each engine has its specific set of views.

Read also: Information_schema

Typical views

  • tables
  • columns
  • foreign keys

See more in: Metadata in relational databases

Database catalogs

Database Catalog Schema Prefix
SQL Server System Catalog Views sys
Azure SQL Database System Catalog Views sys
Oracle Data Dictionary Views / Catalog Views SYS ALL_, USER_, DBA_
MySQL Information schema information_schema
PostgreSQL System Catalogs pg_
IBM Db2 Catalog views SYSCAT
MariaDB Information schema information_schema
Amazon Redshift System Catalog Tables pg_
Teradata Data Dictionary Views DBC
Snowflake Information schema information_schema
SAP/Sybase ASE System Tables sys
SAP HANA System Views sys
Vertica System Tables v_catalog
IBM Informix System Catalog Table informix sys
SQLite System Table sqlite_master
Firebird System Tables RDB$
Interbase System Tables RDB$
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