System Catalog / Data Dictionary Views in relational databases (RDBMS)

Piotr Kononow - Dataedo Team Piotr Kononow 2018-09-30

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    (System) Catalog Views or Data Dictionary Views (or sometimes tables) are standard views (or tables) in most relational databases that provide access to metadata - information about schema, security, etc. Each engine has its specific set of views.

    Read also: Information_schema

    Typical views

    • tables
    • columns
    • foreign keys

    See more in: Metadata in relational databases

    Database catalogs

    Database Catalog Schema Prefix
    SQL Server System Catalog Views sys
    Azure SQL Database System Catalog Views sys
    Oracle Data Dictionary Views / Catalog Views SYS ALL_, USER_, DBA_
    MySQL Information schema information_schema
    PostgreSQL System Catalogs pg_
    IBM Db2 Catalog views SYSCAT
    MariaDB Information schema information_schema
    Amazon Redshift System Catalog Tables pg_
    Teradata Data Dictionary Views DBC
    Snowflake Information schema information_schema
    SAP/Sybase ASE System Tables sys
    SAP HANA System Views sys
    Vertica System Tables v_catalog
    IBM Informix System Catalog Table informix sys
    SQLite System Table sqlite_master
    Firebird System Tables RDB$
    Interbase System Tables RDB$
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