List all tables referenced by a specific table (by FK) in Azure SQL Database

Rene Castro - Dataedo Team Rene Castro 2018-12-10

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    The query below lists all tables referenced with a foreign key per specific table.


    select distinct
        schema_name(fk_tab.schema_id) + '.' + as foreign_table,
        '>-' as rel,
        schema_name(pk_tab.schema_id) + '.' + as primary_table
    from sys.foreign_keys as fk
        inner join sys.tables as fk_tab
            on fk_tab.object_id = fk.parent_object_id
        inner join sys.tables as pk_tab
            on pk_tab.object_id = fk.referenced_object_id
    where fk_tab.[name] = 'Your table' -- enter table name here
    --  and schema_name(fk_tab.schema_id) = 'Your table schema name'
    order by schema_name(fk_tab.schema_id) + '.' +,
        schema_name(pk_tab.schema_id) + '.' +


    • foreign_table - foreign table name with schema name - the table you provided as a parameter
    • foreign_table - relationship symbol implicating FK and direction
    • primary_table - primary (referenced) tables names with schema name - the tables you are looking for


    • One row: represents one referenced table
    • Scope of rows: all tables referenced by the table that has the provided name (and optionally the schema)
    • Ordered by: referenced table schema and name


    • There can be more tables with the same name. If that's the case, uncomment the where clause and provide a schema name

    Sample results

    All tables referenced with FK by Product table in the AdventureWorksLT database.

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