Find tables with digits in their names in MariaDB database

Tables usually do not have digits in their names, and if they do, they have a special meaning. We use them to name backup tables with the date of a backup (of a single specific table while performing a sensitive operation), archival tables with year or for partition tables.

The query below finds all tables with digits in their names in all databases (schemas).


select table_schema as database_name,
from information_schema.tables
where table_type = 'BASE TABLE'
    and table_name rlike ('[0-9]')
order by table_schema,


  • database_name - name of the database (schema) where the table was found
  • table_name - name of the table found


  • One row: represents one table
  • Scope of rows: all found tables
  • Ordered by: database (schema) name, table name

Sample results

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