Find tables that are not referenced by the foreign keys in Snowflake

Query below lists tables that are not referenced by the foreign keys.

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select '>- no FKs' as foreign_keys,
from information_schema.tables tab
where tab.table_type ='BASE TABLE'
      and tab.table_schema || '.' || tab.table_name not in
          (select distinct tco.table_schema || '.' ||tco.table_name
           from information_schema.referential_constraints rco
           join information_schema.table_constraints tco
                on rco.unique_constraint_name = tco.constraint_name
                and rco.unique_constraint_schema = tco.table_schema)
order by tab.table_schema,


  • foreign_keys - symbol indicating lack of FK references
  • table_schema - name of the schema in which table resides
  • table_name - table name


  • One row represents one table
  • Scope of rows: all tables not referenced by the foreign keys
  • Ordered by table schema and table name

Sample results

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