List views in Teradata with their scripts

Query below finds all views in all databases with their script.


SELECT  DatabaseName,
        TableName AS ViewName,
        RequestText AS Definition
FROM    DBC.TablesV
WHERE   TableKind = 'V'
AND     DatabaseName NOT IN ('All', 'Crashdumps', 'DBC', 'dbcmngr', 
'Default', 'External_AP', 'EXTUSER', 'LockLogShredder', 'PUBLIC', 'SQLJ', 
'Sys_Calendar', 'SysAdmin', 'SYSBAR', 'SYSJDBC', 'SYSLIB', 'SYSSPATIAL', 
'TD_SYSGPL', 'TD_SYSXML', 'TDMaps', 'TDPUSER', 'TDQCD', 'TDStats', 'tdwm')
ORDER BY    DatabaseName,


  • DatabaseName - database name
  • ViewName - view name
  • Definition - definition (script) of the view


  • One row represents a view
  • Scope of rows: all found views
  • Ordered by database & view name


Query excludes system databases, but this list may not be complete as it depends on the Teradata Database configuration.

Sample results

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