List tables with most relationships in Vertica database

Query below lists tables with most relationships (both foreign keys and FK references from other tables).

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with rel as (
    select distinct table_schema || '.' || table_name as table_name,
           reference_table_schema || '.' || reference_table_name
                as referenced_table,
           null as referencing_table,
    from v_catalog.foreign_keys
    union all
    select distinct reference_table_schema || '.' || reference_table_name,
           table_schema || '.' || table_name as table_name,
    from v_catalog.foreign_keys
select table_name,
       count(*) as relationships,
       count(referenced_table) as foreign_keys,
       count(referencing_table) as references,
       count(distinct coalesce(referenced_table, referencing_table))
            as related_tables,
       count(distinct referenced_table) as referenced_tables,
       count(distinct referencing_table) as referencing_tables
from rel
group by table_name
order by relationships desc; 


  • table_name - name of table with schema name
  • relationships - number of relationships (FKs and FK references)
  • foreign_keys - number of foreign keys in a table
  • references - number of FK references from other tables
  • related_tables - number of related tables
  • referenced_tables - number of different tables referenced with FKs (multiple FK's can refers to one table, so number of foreign keys might be diffrent than number of referenced tables)
  • referencing_tables - number of diffrent tables that are refering to this table (similar note like as above)


  • One row represents one table in a database
  • Scope of rows: all tables in database with any relationship
  • Ordered by number of relationships (foreing keys and references) from the ones with the most

Sample results

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