How to view table foreign keys (FKs) in IBM Data Studio

Rene Castro - Dataedo Team Rene Castro 2019-03-13

Table of Contents:

    This tutorial will show you how to discover foreign keys and related tables using IBM Data Studio.

    Before starting, make sure you have selected the Administer Databases in the Activity button.

    There are two options you can do it.

    Option 1: Administration Explorer

    1. In Administration Explorer expand the All Databases node and select the appropriate database to expand its objects tree, then select Constraints.

    1. The upper right pane shows the list of all constraints in the selected database. You can click on the Type column to sort by type, so you can easily find all the foreign keys.

    Option 2: Using the Pictorial Path

    1. In the upper right pane, click on the last icon of the pictorial path to display the list of options, then select Constraints.

    1. As in the previous section, the upper right pane shows the list of all the constraints in the selected database and you can click on the Type column to sort by name, so you can easily see all the foreign keys.
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