How to view table foreign keys (FK) in Toad for SQL Server

Bart Gawrych - Dataedo Team Bart Gawrych 2019-04-25

Table of Contents:

    This article will show you how to find table’s foreign keys in Toad for SQL Server tool.

    Option 1: Constraint Details

    To see the table’s foreign keys first we need to find the table.

    We can do it in two ways:

    1. Open Explorer, in new opened window go through branches like following: Databases -> [your database name] -> Tables and clik on table.


    1. Open Find tool and search for appropriate table. Right click on the found table and select Send to -> Object Details

    In the Viewer go to Constraints tab. You can find now Foreign Keys in the list of constraints by looking at the Type of constraints.

    If you click on foreign key row at the bottom will appear FK’s details like Columns and Properties with parent table. Except above you can find there constraint description too.

    Option 2: Diagram

    To see related tables to specific table we can use diagram generator Toad provides. In order to do this click on Diagram button from main menu or from open by Tools -> Diagram.

    Database diagram window will appear with Object Explorer.

    1. set Reference Depth to 1 - this step will automatically add related tables (set to 2 will add related tables of related tables etc.).
    2. next drop interesting table from Object Explorer to the diagram workspace. All related tables should be added, but this works in both relation directions, so this option adds child tables (tables that reference to our specific table) too. If diagram is unreadable, you can try to reorganize it by clicking on the Automatically rearrange button.

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