How to view object dependencies with Toad for IBM DB2

This tutorial will show you how to find specific object dependencies in Toad for IBM DB2.

Option 1: Using Explorer

From main menu open Explorer (Fig. 1 [1]) or by Tools -> Explorer.

Fig. 1. [1] Explorer icon in main menu, [2] Database Map in main menu

In explorer search for object which dependencies you want to see and click on it. In the viewer switch to Dependencies tab (Fig. 2).

Fig. 2. Object Dependencies in Object Details window

Under Dependencies tab there are two categories:

  • Uses - object on which selected object depends
  • Used by - object depending on selected object

Option 2: Using Database Map

From main menu select Database Map (Fig. 1 [2]) or by Tools->Database Map. In the explorer find interesting object and by drag and drop add it to database map workspace.

Another way to add object to Database Map is right click on it in explorer and select Show on Database Map… option (Fig. 3).

Fig. 3. Show on Database Map option in context menu

In Database Map there are 3 options:

  • Include ref. - automatically add to map referenced object
  • Include dep. - automatically add to map dependent object
  • Multiple levels - automatically add dependencies of dependencies - uncheck to see only direct dependencies

Fig. 4. Object Dependencies on Database Map

Object which points TO our object is referenced object (used by our object) and object which points FROM our object is dependent object (use our object).

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