How to view object dependencies with Aqua Data Studio

This article will show you how to view a specific object's dependencies using Aqua Data Studio.

Open Server Panel by clicking on Servers (Fig. 1 [1]) tab or Window -> Show/Hide Server Panel (Fig. 1 [2]).

Fig. 1. Server Panel visibility options

Find the object which dependencies you want to view by expanding branches of the Server Panel. Then, expand its Dependencies branch.

Fig. 2. Dependencies in Server Panel explorer

In Referenced by branch you can find objects which use selected object and outside this branch are objects used by the selected object.

Another way to view dependencies is to right click on the object (e.g. table) and select Table Properties (or Function properties for functions etc.) option. In the Details window switch to Dependencies tab. You will see two fields:

  • Objects that depend on selected object
  • Object on which selected object depends on

Fig. 3. Dependencies in Object Properties window

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