Find table that DON'T have a column with specific name in SQL Server database

Databases often have standard columns. Examples of such standard columns can be id, modified_date, created_by or row_version.

Query below finds all tables that do not have a 'ModifiedDate' column.


select schema_name(t.schema_id) as schema_name, as table_name
from sys.tables t
where t.object_id not in 
    (select c.object_id 
      from sys.columns c
     where = 'ModifiedDate')
order by schema_name,


  • schema_name - name of schema of found table
  • table_name - name of found table


  • One row represents a table
  • Scope of rows: all found tables
  • Ordered by schema name

Sample results

These tables do not have a 'ModifiedDate' column.

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