How to generate database documentation with Toad for SQL Server

In this article, I will show you how to generate SQL Server database documentation and export it to PDF file with Toad for SQL Server.

Open Schema Reports from Tools -> Reports menu.

New window consists of:

  • Object Explorer - from this window you can drag items or all branches to items list
  • Report Items List - a list containing all items you want to have in documentation
  • Default Item Settings - defines which information about objects documentation will include
  • Item Specific Settings button - open Item Specific Settings
  • Item Specific Settings - defines dedicated settings for object
  • Include Item Dependencies - include dependencies of objects in list to item list
  • Generate Report - generate report

Decide which items you want in documentation by dragging items from object explorer to report items list.
Select what information documentation should include by defining default settings or define specific item settings.

When you are done click on Generate Report button . Report preview window appears where you can check the result. To save as PDF file expand Export Document button and choose PDF file.

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