List users in Azure SQL database

Query below returns list of users in current database.

Users vs logins

  • Login grants access to the server
  • User grants a login access to the database

    One login can be associated with many users but only in different databases


select name as username,
       type_desc as type,
       authentication_type_desc as authentication_type
from sys.database_principals
where type not in ('A', 'G', 'R', 'X')
      and sid is not null
order by username;


  • username - user name
  • create_date - date the account was added
  • modify_date - date the account was last updated
  • type_desc - principal type:
    • CERTIFICATE_MAPPED_USER - User mapped to a certificate
    • EXTERNAL_USER - External user from Azure Active Directory
    • ASYMMETRIC_KEY_MAPPED_USER - User mapped to an asymmetric key
    • SQL_USER - SQL user
    • WINDOWS_USER - Windows user
  • authentication_type - type of user authentication
    • NONE : No authentication
    • INSTANCE : Instance authentication
    • DATABASE : Database authentication
    • WINDOWS : Windows Authentication


  • One row represents one user in the database
  • Scope of rows: all users in the database
  • Ordered by user name

Sample results

Those results show that there are 5 users in current database.

sample results


You can vew database users using SQL Server Management studio. Expand Database -> Security -> Users branch in Object Explorer. This option shows also roles and Windows groups.


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