List users in PostgreSQL database

Query below returns list of users in current database.


select usesysid as user_id,
       usename as username,
       usesuper as is_superuser,
       passwd as password_md5,
       valuntil as password_expiration
from pg_shadow
order by usename;


  • user_id - id of the user
  • usename - user name
  • is_superuser - flag if user have superuser privileges
  • password_md5 - hashed password encoded with md5 algorithm
  • password_expiration - date of user password expiration


  • One row represents one user in the database
  • Scope of rows: all users in the database
  • Ordered by user name

Sample results

Those results show that there are 4 users in current database.

sample results


You can vew database users using pgAdmin. Expand Login/Group Roles branch in Browser window. This option shows also roles.


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