List tables used by a view in MySQL database

Query below lists views in MySQL database with objects used by view.

Query was executed under 8.0.13 MySQL version.


select vtu.view_schema as database_name,
       vtu.view_name as view_name,
       vtu.table_schema as referenced_database_name,
       vtu.table_name as referenced_object_name,
       tab.table_type as object_type
from information_schema.view_table_usage vtu
join information_schema.tables tab on vtu.table_schema = tab.table_schema
                                   and vtu.table_name = tab.table_name
where view_schema not in ('sys','information_schema',
                          'mysql', 'performance_schema')
    -- and tab.table_schema = 'database_name' -- put your database name here
order by vtu.view_schema,


  • database_name - view database (schema) name
  • view_name - view name
  • referenced_database_name - table database name that view is referring to
  • referenced_object_name - table name that view is referring to
  • object_type - type of referenced object:
    • VIEW


  • One row represents one view reference
  • Scope of rows: all views references in database
  • Ordered by view database (schema) name, view name

Sample results

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