Data Lakes Documentation

Discover and document structure of your data in data lakes

Visualize your databases with ER Diagrams and make them transparent and accessible for everyone, including non-IT people.

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Document and understand your data in semi-structured formats

Data lakes are data stores that hold unstructured and semi-structured data. Structured data stores (usually relational databases) offer view into data structures (tables and columns). Data lakes do not offer that functionality. Without data governance data lakes can quickly become data swamps. Finding right data in the data lake and understanding its structure can be a real challenge.

Thankfully, Dataedo offers discovery of structure in semi-structured data formats, cataloging of data objects, documentation capability of each object and field, and discoverability with convenient web documentation.

Data lakes architecture

How Dataedo helps with data lakes?

Automatically scan the structure of your data lakes

All it takes to get started is to point to the file or paste its content into editor - Dataedo will scan the structure and load it into editor where you will be able to correct it, describe it and save as a new object to the repository.

Dataedo json-documentation
Dataedo data_dictionary

Understand all your columns and tables

Decrypt table and column names with business friendly aliases and provide meaning and purpose of data assets with descriptions

Data Dictionary →

Document, visualize and understand relationships

Dataedo allows you to understand, document and visualize relationships between data objects.

ER Diagrams →
Dataedo erd-data-lakes
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Share complete documentation in convenient format

Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo Web Catalog

Self-hosted web portal for self-service data & building data community. Create a place where all people in your organization can go to find, learn about, discuss and contribute their findings about data.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
Dataedo HTML Export

Easily export your documentation into lightweight and easily shareable interactive HTML documents. Self-host them on your drive or any web server.

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Dataedo Web Catalog
PDF & Excel Exports

Additionally, you can quickly export your documentation to PDF and Excel files.

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Discover structure in semi-structured data formats

Document each object and field and create convenient web documentation